Neurowellness vs. Stress

Avi Yaron, Executive Chairman, Eudaimonia Position, Israel

While the standard of living of Western civilization is higher than ever, the incidence of chronic disease is skyrocketing. The benefits & pleasures of modern life come along with an associated cost: the easy to get and tasty calories are typically mal-nutritious, the ability to connect to a display 24/7 and the de-synchronization from the circadian rhythm may result in lack of proper sleep. Perhaps, the worst is the continuous intensity of life – no minute to rest our mind and relax. All these agitate mental & physical health on a daily basis. Once the stress level overwhelms the resilience, a disease may develop – acute or chronic. Latest medical solutions and practices face immense difficulty in managing this crisis. What is Western Medicine missing? doing wrong? Could the science of Neuro plasticity and/or meditation be utilized to tackle this challenge? 

This talk will review state of the art cognitive tools and knowledge, that may allow humanity to better manage and deal with life stressors.