How Do We Deal with Multiple Goals for Care Within an Individual Patient Trajectory

Gro Rosvold Berntsen, Chief researcher at the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research, Norway

Multiple care processes within an individual patient pathway are often guided by implicit and possibly conflicting goals for care. Goal conflict within the pathway has received scant attention. With the use of ‘Goal hierarchies’ we show that when personal goals are set above professional goals, this may clarify and resolve tension between potentially conflicting goals.
In this presentation we will reflect upon how professionals can engage with patients to ensure that the patient agenda is at the heart of the care plan. Patient defined goals has a coordinating effect across different providers, it is ethically and legally correct, and it holds the promise of cheaper and better care.

A clear common goal across providers creates a setting where, individual care providers tasks and roles can be mapped out in relation to their contribution to the overarching goal. It becomes clear who does what and why.