Innovation: Bringing together The Triangle of Academia-Clinic-Industry

Avi Yaron, Executive Chairman, Eudaimonia Position, Israel

No doubt that the human body is the most complex machine on earth: a combination of biology, chemistry, physics and electricity intertwined to provide a self-learning, self-healing machine. Western medicine has, undoubtedly, been revolutionized by various technologies to better diagnose and treat this machine. Still, when compared to the sophistication of mobile phones, cars or many other daily used technologies it seems that medicine is far behind in accepting, adopting & utilizing advanced technologies, that may further assist in earlier diagnosis or improved treatment. How can Healthcare better utilize the ties and collaboration with academy and industry to create a quantum leap forward and better manage the tsunami of chronic disease?

This talk will review the barriers, failures and successes, as well as new paradigms of Academia-Clinic-Industry cooperation models.