Avi Yaron

A serial visionary entrepreneur, with extensive knowledge of all startup phases, from invention till international go-to-market, of various medical technologies. Invented, founded & lead disruptive companies that targeted un-met needs: Visionsense for minimal invasive brain surgery and Mototech for digital motorcycle ignition systems. Executive Chairman and strategic adviser of startups, mentor of entrepreneurs, owns numerous technological & clinical patents.

Two case studies about Avi's management style, while CEO of Visionsense (a US based Neurosurgical technology company), are taught in Entrepreneurial MBA programs in Babson College, MIT, Stanford & others. Avi lectures regularly in Babson’s classes, other universities and in medical/technological conferences.

Having an in-depth experience of overcoming a life-threatening brain tumor, Avi supports, pro bono, patients with acute brain health conditions.  Over the last twenty years, while learning various holistic body-mind techniques and assisting hundreds of patients, the realization of the significant effects of stress on our well-being and long-term health had materialized into a new vision (TEDxAmsterdam).

Nowadays, Avi is focused on the field of "personalized predictive pre-preventative neuro wellness technology", in hope to improve the well-being and reduce stress.


Avi served as a lieutenant in the Israeli Intelligence Corps. He holds an Electrical Engineering degree from Tel Aviv U & MBA from Boston U.